Wednesday, December 21, 2011

too much time in Disneyworld?!

I used to work for the mouse. THE mouse. Work would take me to meetings at Disneyworld several times a year, and lots of those times family and friends traveled along.

Homer made many trips to the parks. Almost every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas there would be reason to travel there..and that is the best time, IMHO, to visit. Beautifully decorated, fun entertainment, small crowds with temperatures that make it comfortable to move around all day.

He would be there while I was in meetings. He would also be at the pool and the hot tub while I was in meetings. While he was supposed to be relaxing he was watching, learning, thinking, drawing. And some days getting a sunburn.

We had spoken about decorating our front door with a container on either side filled with greens from all the trees on the farm, lights, pine cones, ribbon. He channeled his inner mouse and our front door now looks like this!

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