Thursday, December 8, 2011

there's a snake in my boot

Muck boots. We have tried others but none work as well. Muck boots have good tread on the outside and good foot support on the inside. Feet stay dry and comfortable. It is possible to break them so they leak when really wet conditions the entire 2011 year (with the exception of 2 weeks in July) we do get new ones. And we keep the old ones too, because even with small leaks they are better boots for farm chores than any other.

They slip off and on. They stay upright, so no need to get your hands in the wet funk. They also get..wet and funky. We do a lot of different activities on the farm, considered gross by many, and I have a strong desire to keep that icky stuff..outside.

Wintertime projects. Things we think of in the summertime but have no time to implement. Today Homer built a boot rack that holds multiple pairs of Muck boots, the big ones that hit just below the knee. Because we are pasture based farmers the grass gets..high..and up to knee protection is needed. Now boots can be removed, flipped upside down on the boot rack, allowed to drain and dry out before next time needed. Homer had to build the rack because these boots are big, and typical racks don't hold them. Plus it is a matter if principle for Homer..if he can build it why buy it?

Happy feet. And funk outside where it can be hosed down. Happy wife.

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