Friday, December 2, 2011

sides up!

In the summer our porch off the hoophouse is open. The plastic roof stays on, but the sides are completely removed. We had visitors from St. Tims who helped pull the sides off in May of this year.

As the temperature drops it becomes necessary to reinstall the plastic. What would have been oppressively hot in the summer months becomes winter paradise with the plastic on! The table and chairs will remain in this spot, as winter time lunches are sunny and balmy out here. Homer has also been known to nap on the hay bales stacked out here.

The big round tables and the collapsible chairs will go into winter storage. We don't usually get big crowds in the winter, so the little ones will do.

Sandi will locate sunny warm spots and sleep while Homer works. She loves the sunshine and can always be found in it.

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