Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rodale Institute and Smartwool socks

Yesterday we left the farm. Together. It must be the off season!

We met my sister Jane and her friend Murray at the Rodale Institue. It was Rodale's holiday open house, with everything on drastic sale. We purchased a couple of books at rock bottom prices, and then took a walk to see their hoophouse.

It looks like there might be others on the property, but the hoophouse we visited was empty except for grass. We had hoped to see crops they grow in the winter around here..just to see if we are missing anything!

It turns out that even an empty hoophouse can teach us. The sides have cranks connected to poles that run the entire length of the structure, and they look simple to operate and easy for Homer to replicate. For now our sides are either on or off, held down with wiggle wire and channels..and a full day to close it up in fall or open it up in spring.

The challenge comes on super sunny days in late fall or early spring. It would be nice to be able to open up so air could flow can actually get too hot..but to still be able to quickly close up at night. We don't have that option now and seeing the hoophouse yesterday provided an option that is simple and easy to install.

We ate lunch in a great little Mexican place in Kutztown. All fresh and homemade, lunch was delicious. A good visit with my sister and Murray.

On the way back we stopped at Cabela's. Located just off the highway, this store is massive and in the middle of no where. Although a community of fast food places has been built up around it.

Part of the size of the place has to do with taxidermy. Since it sticks a massive inventory of guns, ammo, camouflage and orange vests it is a mecca for hunters. There are all sorts of styles and positioning of animals throughout the store, all taxidermy.

Homer needed something neon orange. While we don't have huge acreage and our property is fenced, he is moving through areas everyday where safety is a good idea. He found a bright orange ear cover that he will wear this morning. An every day until hunting season is over.

And he got a new pair of boots. It seems every other pair has gotten holes and water seeps in while walking the fields.

And our one real indulgence anymore? Smartwool socks. We both wear them every single day, and love them. We wear them year round, different weights for different seasons. Feet stay dry, comfortable no matter the temperature. And they just go right into the washer and dryer and ready to go again. Fantastic.

Here was our favorite taxidermy in the place.

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