Monday, December 12, 2011

last tomato

It is December 12, and we just ate our last tomato. The dining room is decorated for Christmas! Breakfast was eggs from our hens, pork from the farm, tomato from under the hoophouse. The tomato plants, double covered, are doing well. Our hope now is to keep the plants alive until next year..and to have super early tomatoes.

Peas and lettuce look great, and taste fantastic. We knew lettuce would grow this time of year and decided to leave September planting of peas..from the ground and see what happened. Turns out peas really don't mind the cold!

The other morning the sun was out while the moon was still out. Lovely!

One of our neighbors removed their glass doors. He is renovating and changing the look of his home. Our township will not accept these massive pieces of glass and our trash hauler limits how much can be taken away at one time. He is very slowly getting rid of his construction refuse. When Homer saw these doors he knew they are exactly what we are looking for to go into our other building. A quick (and short) truck ride and the doors are now ours. Homer will have to do a little repair work to them, and remove a section of wall to install them, and then we will have a more open view of the property. Reuse and recycle at work here!

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