Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Homer has ideas every day..ways to build things faster, cheaper, from local materials, from local sources.

He is scheduled to give talks in January and February. At the CASA/Future Harvest conference, at the PASA conference and at a museum in Detroit.

He has been inspired by the scheduled Detroit talks. Plots of land are inexpensive, there are still tons of people who live there and it is cold and sunny in the winter. He is working on two plans: a super insulated house that is constructed for $30,000 and a hoophouse that offsets heating costs for the family. He has been studying, writing, constructing models, speaking to experts. What he is doing is fantastic..and a possibility for a lot of people.

Mortgage companies hate projects like these. They will not write loans for small amounts..and they consider $50,000 to be too small an amount. The utility companies will hate it too.

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