Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm melting

The last 2 houses we lived in..the last 20 years or so..had heavy tile or slate roofs. Roofs that needed a little bit of maintenance each year but lasted hundreds of years. And when it was cold out the frost and snow stayed on those roofs for a long time, until the sun or temperature outdoors melted it off.

Yesterday every house around had a layer of thick frost on the roof around here. There was frost on every single blade of grass, every tree and on our garage roof.

But our house roof was already melted as the sun rose. Not melted by the sun or by the air temperature but melted by the heat. The heat escaping from our house. It is freezing in here in the wintertime! Forced hot air from an oil furnace, drafty windows and clearly not enough insulation in the attic.

Enough of the work on the infrastructure of the farm has been completed that we can look around and take care of other things. Insulating the attic and keeping the heat in the house, and not warming the roof, has hit the top of the honey do list.

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