Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Homer, on rainy December days

Our growing season is much quieter now. We still have cattle, pigs, laying hens and chickens that are moved daily. And vegetables that need tending.

Bugs are virtually nonexistent at this time of year. Weeds barely grow. No turkeys. And next week will be the last of the chickens. Homer will begin working, building things for others in the next week or so..but the rain allows for some time to think and dream.

He is scheduled to speak at a couple of conferences in January and February. Also at a museum in Detroit. While most topics he will cover he knows inside and out, he has been thinking about construction of homes, cost of insulation and installation, and how improvements can be made.

While we are not building anything anytime soon we want to help people get into homes with out spending a fortune and mortgaging their future to do so. We are mortgage free and would love to see others do so is a gift that allows time to contemplate, cogitate, think, dream..and for Homer, results in an idea on home construction that requires building a model..

2x6's allow room for R30 and still have space for electric wires..little waste..and super strong in a drafty house that costs a fortune to heat is prompting new ideas!

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