Tuesday, December 20, 2011

farm fixes

We use tools all the time here at Sunnyside Farm. Over much larger areas and for much longer times than we used to.

Usually things can be repaired. Homer has woodworking and metal working equipment and can usually set things to right. We don't have a whole lot of plastic besides the buckets and garbage cans.

But this? Perhaps beyond repair? Used to build and rebuild hundreds of vegetable beds, to clean up messes animals leave behind, to rake out compost..it has served us well. Truth be told, I'm pretty certain this was in the shed of the house we bought when Claire was 3..

A couple of years ago a hoe was under the tree for me. Sharpened several times a day when in use it slices right through baby weeds. Perhaps a replacement rake will be under our tree this year. Or maybe just a new, long, ash handle ready for a farm fix.

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