Thursday, December 15, 2011

electric fence line cleared

Nothing stops an electric fence line from working like overgrown grass, weeds, shrubs, brush.

The way we farm electric line is essential. It keeps the cattle where we want them and it really helps to keep predators out. The geese and the not so friendly dog helps keep predators out too, but the electric line is the first defense.

It will stop working exactly when it is needed. We have farmed long enough to know that every single night the fox tests the see if a gate is not quite shut, to see if the electric is out, if the geese are locked up and will not interrupt them. If we have visitors and lock the geese up, if someone leaves a gate ajar, and we turned off the fence so no one would get shocked it can spell disaster for us. A fox and pals, can take an incredible number of chicks in one night..we have lost as many as 200 in one single night.

The pigs do a fantastic job clearing under electric lines. Their natural instinct is to root up the ground underneath them, to eat anything growing above the earth and everything growing under as well. Homer designed his mobile pens so the pigs fit just under the electric wire, clear out every day until they hit the other end of the property..and by the time that happens, they are needed again at a spot they cleared months ago.

And the electricity works, keeping all other livestock safe. Such beauty! No weed wackers! No mower! Just the sound of pigs doing what they love, rooting and munching.

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