Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 16

Plenty to do here on the farm, even with cold weather and mostly dark days.

We are pleased to have fresh tomatoes to eat! This is the last of them, and the big plants under cover with the barrels full of water have frozen. We will use the same technique in about 12 weeks to see about starting the tomato plants early..cause we want fresh again ASAP!

Clearing down to trees is easier to do now. Some have these massive vines growing that not even the cows will we are removing, getting down to the tree and will use straight vinegar on the roots of the vine to retard growth. And send in the cows, who readily and easily eat fresh growth. It's a continuing effort to clean the place up, have it less overgrown and support growth of trees not smothering vines!

And suddenly, the cattle are big. Not so little anymore. And horns. Not cute little bumps but horns. Hmm..

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