Friday, December 23, 2011

baby egg layers

As we move back into days of more sunshine we take stock of our laying hens. Today we have 3 movable pens with 100 mature hens in each pen. A Row Toe Tiller with 17 (a couple turned out to be roosters) that were purchased off craigslist. And in the brooder, inside the hoophouse, are about 200 more baby egg layers.

Yup, more than 500 laying hens here at Sunnyside Farm. And yesterday? 5 eggs. From all those girls.

Once the amount of daylight increases to close to 10 hours a day? We will have 250-300 eggs each day, and will frantically collect, pack and sell the best eggs ever.

But for now, in the dark days, we feed all of these girls, haul water to them cause the hoses freeze, move them away from their own waste and pathogens in their portable pens, and dream of angel food cake made from huge spring eggs. I can feel the extra light already.

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