Friday, November 18, 2011


Some things that happen on the farm we know well. Others mystify us. We know we have dung beetles as we have seen them. Big, beautiful, impressive and fairly slow moving they are pretty easy to catch and identify.

We think these holes are likely a result of dung beetles. Or possibly cicadas. But the scraping around the holes has us mystified. Do the scrape marks come from what is in the hole? From the ducks consuming what when down there? From something else?

Right now we don't know. Certain that at some point we will figure it out.

Really busy few days ahead of us. The 100+ turkeys that are outside need to be converted to a form that people can prepare for dinner. All in the next few days.

And this morning the post office informed us our baby chicks will be delivered today. The ones that will grow out to be laying hens. The ones we thought would be delivered in early December when after we had a little while to rest and set up a brooder.

Time to move.

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