Tuesday, November 8, 2011

smoke it

Had the chance to visit old order Amish farms. Homer tells me I'm a bit Amish when we discuss what he wants to buy and I ask him to build it from things already on the farm.

One thing I saw was an ice house. 2' thick walls, nothing but insulation. The greatest part? They put plastic out, collected water in it, let it freeze, cut it into pieces with a chain saw, loaded the ice into the super insulted building..and on Monday they still had tons of ice. No freon, electricity..cool.

The other thing 2 farms had were smoke houses. One a metal shed, one a cinder block building. One hanging venison, the other a side of bacon. Looked and smelled delicious!

Homer took an old tank, cut it open, outfitted with racks and side tables and a stand for implements.

The old order Amish would be proud. Let's smoke something in it!

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