Thursday, November 3, 2011


We are seasonal growers. We grow chickens during the months of the year when the grass is growing. We start in early April and end sometime in November. At either end of our growing season hoses will freeze, the poultry waterers will sieze up, and the pens will get a bit harder to move because of ice in the wheels.

And then the sun comes up, temperatures warm up, Thanksgiving is challenging but we make it, dismantle pens and hoses before severe weather. Generally there is uncomfortable weather, but not extreme. Until this year. Rain falls of significant records. And last Saturday a very heavy rainfall followed by a very heavy snowfall. Gigantic, wet, heavy flakes fell from the sky. And stuck to everything on the farm.

Usually by the time it storms like this we have ended the season. In fact, we have usually celebrated New Years! Our early gift this year? Pen collapse. Never before has such snow fallen while pens are still in use, so transfers had to be made. Repairs as Homer can get to them. The weather has been challenging this year, to put it mildly.

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