Tuesday, November 15, 2011


In the early summer of 2010 Homer and I visited the Farmers Market in Hershey. Only about 20 minutes from the farm it looked like a great option for us, except it was full of folks with what we have. We made a mental note to join if an opportunity became available.

This summer a friend posted on Facebook: vendors needed at Farmers Market in Hershey. We jumped on it, and it turns out they needed just what we offer. Arrived the next week with the market paperwork in hand.

Waiting for the new vendors was a representative from the Pennsylvania department of agriculture. Who jumped on us, asking for a specific document without even saying hello. Told us we could not be there..after everything was unpacked and set up.

It turned out we had all of our documents in order, all was clear and Sunnyside Farm could in fact legally be at the market.

The inspector left, and people began to introduce themselves. Other vendors, customers..it was lovely. Laura, a farmer working for a vegetable farm south of us, introduced herself. She had gone to school on the west coast, then taken some time off to learn how to grow organic vegetables. She had grown up right near where we used to live in Towson, attended the same high school as my daughter.

I still belong to the Federated Garden Club in my old neighborhood. There are monthly meetings with speakers and then a shared lunch. Lovely people, friendly, informative, thought provoking speakers. Laura joined us yesterday..and the ladies of the club knew her..without knowing her. Asked her last name and discovered they knew her grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins.

After the meeting Laura asked me about flour..I carry flour from Yeehaw Farm to Baltimore, and Laura had met Judy and gotten flour from her all summer..at Hershey. Next time I see Judy I'll get extra flour for Laura. Judy is the one who referred me to the coordinator for the Women in Sustainable Agriculture conference, and I was able to attend the conference as a speaker.

Homer has been looking for straw or hay. There just has not been much on craigslist yet..both have been scarce. After garden club I stop to see a friend who had decorated for fall with hay bales. And corn stalks. And offers both to me so that they are off their property.

The farmer's wife arrives home, looking like this. What an awesome life.

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