Saturday, November 26, 2011

home improvement, egg layer style

The girls like their privacy. They also love to scratch around in the dirt, actual dirt, not their waste.

The idea of mobile pens came along when gear became more plentiful. The farmer of 100 years ago would not have been able to get all the gear we use. With Home Depot, Lowes and Tractor Supply Co it is easy to get all that we need.

Next year Homer will build his new pen design for all the poultry we raise. This winter, the laying hens will spend their time in these luxurious accommodations..with plenty of fresh earth, lots of space on the roost, protection from rain, snow and wind and these lovely, protected spots for egg laying. This afternoon a roof will go over this..a roof on hinges that we will open to gather eggs and the hens will use in sheltered privacy. Girls do like their privacy.

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