Thursday, November 3, 2011


This is what is in our fridge right now. A tub of chicken livers right off the farm. Yup, our farm. Strawberry jam right off the farm..Esh's farm..we don't have strawberries growing and that is a tale for another day. And the tiny amount of leftovers from Tuesday lunch.

On Saturday I started a pot on the stove. One of those cast iron coated with enamel pots, with the cool lid covered with dimples on the inside. Into the pot when our carrots, a few onions we had to buy (because we gave out what we grew in the CSA) and celery from the gals at Hamilton/Lauraville market. And 3 things our butcher called "soup bones" of beef.

Within an hour the power went out. Then the sun started to set. And the house went to freezing. And Homer, the dog and I found a hotel for the night. The hotel room had a little kitchen, so we took the pot of food with us.

When we settled in, warm and with lights, we put the pot on the stove. Added every teeny tiny package of salt that was there into the pot, and set it to cook.

The front desk manager called and tried to charge us an extra $100. He told us we had received the corporate rate, and that Sunnyside Farm was not eligible for that rate. After some ranting and raving on my part he relented, and our rate stayed the ridiculous low rate that the reservation clerk at the corporate 800 number had given us. He did not seem to realize that $100 is a new, hole free pair of muck boots for Homer. Homer could stop wearing plastic bags inside the boots and go back to wearing..socks. And boots. I was not giving in on our rate.

After this, Homer and I realized we had hours to go before dinner would be ready. So we got a pizza. And let our dinner cook, then into the hotel fridge.

Sunday morning we packed up for the quick trip back to the farm. The pot went into the snow in the back of the truck for the ride. Then onto the table on the shaded back porch. No power, and it was the temperature of a fridge out there.

Homer hooked up the generator to the furnace, a lamp and the fridge. The pot then went into the fridge.

Sunday night, power! Just in time for his favorite show, Amazing Race.

Monday came and went.

Tuesday, lunch time and we were both starving. Easy to heat up Saturday not really dinner but by now we are both..hesitant. What a hot mess this is going to be..

And it is delicious! Fantastic! Every morsel tasty, melt in your mouth good. From a few ingredients, oddly handled.

When people ask us about cooking we have to admit that more often than not it is unorthodox..but tasty.

Homer and I now have to decide who gets the small amount of leftovers to heat up. I've tried to remind him of me backing down the front desk clerk for $100 towards new muck boots for him..but Homer knows me and does not back down easy.

I love farm life. He can have the livers.

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