Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the best gravy

Homer makes biscuits from scratch after Thanksgiving, and use the leftover turkey gravy for the vest biscuits and gravy! We make stock with the turkey feet..2 with giblets, carrots, onions and celery covered in water, brought to a boil and allowed to simmer for a good while. Strained, cooled..it is almost like gelatin. Mixed up with with flour and pan drippings it is delicious at Thanksgiving dinner..the next day, over the buttermilk biscuit recipe from America's test kitchen..we are in turkey heaven! We repeat this meal several times during the winter. Roast turkey, potatoes, greens, sweet potatoes, rolls..and left overs of each for several days. If we cook a big turkey and can't eat it quickly enough, we freeze portion sizes of cooked turkey. On days with no time they cone out of the freezer, go into a sauce pan with some of our canned tomatoes until both are heated through We add some Keswick Creamery Tomme, shredded, on top, make apple sauce from apples from a local orchard (Oylers, 3 Springs) and greens from under the hoophouse..salad or sauted in olive oil in the cast iron pan. And we give thanks for the good, local eats, for the other farmers we are blessed to know and share in what they grow..

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