Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the wall

There is another building on the farm. A portion of it is Homer's workshop and another portion is Matt and Claire's ministorage. And then there is the big room with tiny, ceiling height windows. It used to be a store..where Woody's Bird Farm sold exotic birds, their feed and gear. Now it is a large empty room. Last year we added a large window we salvaged. This week more will change in there. With the pigs weeding between beds, friends helping prepare vegetable beds for winter and not as many chickens to process, there is time to turn to other tasks.

This room has a beautiful view of the farm. This view is obscured by the wall and the general ugliness of the room itself. Mismatched colors, stains, horrid lighting, and industrial tile combine to make it an unpleasant space.

We have continued to salvage windows. Will be looking for doors in the upcoming weeks. Here shows where these will go into this room..Homer will cut holes, install windows and flashing and the the walls will be painted with Kilz. All white primer to start. Windows and doors to see all the beauty here. A change of lighting and ceiling tile. A more appealing floor. And then comes solar panels to heat and cool the space..and then..who knows? A popover cafe? Or something..

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