Wednesday, October 5, 2011

thoughts on Steve Jobs

I worked in the video business for a good portion of my adult life. First, at a distributor of non-theatrical video. Then I was lucky enough to work for Random House, helping to get Sesame Street videos into many retailers across the country.

And then one of those days, one of those meetings "we want to focus on our core publishing business and video is not it". Gulp.

A week or so later and the phone rings. "would you consider working for BVHE, the division of Disney that sells video and DVD?" I did!

And for a number of years, through a number of fantastic Pixar movie releases I had the pleasure of representing Steve Jobs and his amazing, creative team of geniuses. Awesome movies. Great story lines. Jaw dropping animation.

In that time business was good. Now things have changed, most people have direct streaming of movies or use Netflix or shop for DVD's at the big box stores. But what fun we had when those big titles from Pixar were released on DVD! Such loved characters, such great rewards to our counterparts in distribution and retail. And to the BVHE employees.

We always worked to live below our means: to pay the mortgage down, to not carry a credit card balance and to live without things some deemed absolutely necessary. And when it came time to sell our city house and move to a farm, we did so without a mortgage.

In no small part to the creative genius that was Steve Jobs. A visionary, who hired incredibly talented people to work with him. Thanks for doing that. Thanks for being a part of my life that changed my life. For living your dreams and helping us to live ours. rest in peace.

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