Monday, October 24, 2011

one man's gold

We plant flowers every year. Tons of sunflowers, zinnias and marigolds. One package of seeds yields an amazing assortment of blooms, and we can fill vases and enjoy their beauty inside and out. We would love to add more native perennials to our planting beds and will do so, from seed, for years to come. The native plants help support a wide array of butterflies, bugs, birds and other creepy crawlies. Love those.

Our cattle appreciate our flower plantings, but maybe a little less than we do. When we transported 2 pigs to the butcher last week it was a dark evening and a cow got into the garden area. Their electric fence was off because we had visitors that day and did not want to jolt anyone. The cow spent the night chomping away at greens, and left this. At sunrise the next morning Homer got that cow back with the herd and turned the electric wires back on. No more breakouts.

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