Monday, October 10, 2011

October, tomato sandwiches

It is well into October. And still our indeterminate tomatoes are producing. We have pulled green tomatoes so our CSA members can make pickles and fried green tomato sandwiches, as well as delicious cooked up loveliness to smother things in all winter. And we still have tomato plants with fruit ripening on them.

So today, in what feels like the most luxurious thing, lunch is tomato sandwiches. A little bread, cut with an empty can to be about the size of the tomato. Olive oil and garlic in the hot pan, bread toasted, tomato slice, special reserve Keswick Creamery cheese shredded on top. Salt and pepper. Yum.
With about 10 weeks of fresh tomatoes, we are feeling like the richest people just feels decadent to still be eating such beautiful food.

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