Monday, October 31, 2011


Things might be back to normal. We left the farm on Saturday as darkness descended, with no power and no fireplace the house was the same temperature as outside. I still have silver status with Marriott, and when I called to inquire about rooms that allow pets they gave me an incredible deal. A great enough deal that the front desk clerk was annoyed with my rate, he mentioned that everyone else there was paying at least twice that amount. Yay for the farmers!

We returned to the farm early Sunday and completed chores. Then the task of hooking the generator so our furnace and a light or 2 would run. Neighbors advised on how to shut off power from the line and transfer to our noisy little power maker on the back porch. By dark we had a little heat and light. And flannel sheets and down quilt on the bed! That change in weather came on us so quickly..fresh tomatoes and heavy snowfall are an unusual combination.

Homer had to play with his food..

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