Thursday, October 6, 2011

blue heads

In the 1960's it was not unusual to see a woman with blue hair. Not certain why this was done, but I can recall being told by an older family member not to stare and point. So I know I saw it and stared at it with my own two eyes.

As our turkeys mature we are getting some that have blue heads. It made me think of the blue haired ladies of my youth. The blue heads on the turkeys let us know that the birds are maturing..and maybe that is what the ladies were doing back then too. I'll have to google it and find out why it was done.

The turkeys are growing beautifully. they are in most of our moveable pens now, as we are winding down on chickens  for the year. We have some tiny ones, some massive ones (those are in this picture) and many that are in the middle. This pasture raised, moved daily birds make for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner..we are certainly looking forward to that!

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