Saturday, September 17, 2011

why Food Alliance Certification?

We considered many different certifications. We do not use chemicals, either organic or synthetic, on our farm. We feed cattle grass: pigs grass, leftover bread from a mostly organic, naturally levened bakery, and grindings from a mostly organic juicer bar: poultry a GMO free ration and grass, and we grow an acre of open pollinated, heirloom variety vegetables.

We wanted certification that reflects our growing philosophy, and examined all of our practices, not just what we feed the livestock. Food Alliance examines many aspects of sustainability: animal waste and ground absorption, water ways and discharge into, treatment of employees and other aspects. You can read more here:

Now Foo Alliance has made it easy to distinguish differnt certifications, and what they examine. You can download The Eater's Guide to Food and Farm Sustainability from their website. This is a fold up, pocket sized guide to 3rd party certifications, which will help you to make informed decisions. Download here.

Happy eating!

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