Wednesday, September 21, 2011

who works?

Homer and I love to tease each other about the condition of our hands. Sometimes people tell me my hands are soft. Because they are..

Homer's hands are rough and cracked. By mid-November they are cracked and bleeding. His Christmas and birthday presents always include some salve or ointment, a concoction with the shortest list of ingredients possible, meant to heal his poor hands up.

Evidence, my hands:

Nary a crack or snag. Not even a hang nail.
And now, here are Homer's:

Cuts, cracks, knicks, scars, calluses. Stains and spots.

He says the worst I get is a paper cut. Or a cramp hitting the shift key.

True that!


  1. You guys are so cute:) I am so excited to hear about your chair! Keep me updated. You two will knock it out of the park!!

  2. I'll let you know how it goes. Another chair appeared tonight next to a dumpster as I was leaving the market. Yellow pleather, arm broken off, legs unglued. But all parts there, the padding is fine and some glue, clamps, paint and fabric all will be well!



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