Sunday, September 4, 2011

an unplanted crop

It rained 7 or so inches last Saturday/Sunday. It has been raining here for a few days off and on. Heavy fog was all over the back yard when I let the dog out late last night.

And so we get another crop here on the farm. Not one we planted. And not certain we will eat it either!
rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast everyday for the next week! We should get more of these..


  1. Most people don't understand the value of mushrooms. It isn't the mushrooms themselves, those are just fruiting bodies (call them fruits if you prefer); it is the whole organism that lives underground. They form close relationships, called mycorrhizae, with the roots of many kinds of plants, exchanging water and minerals for sugars and other organic molecules. Both, plant and fungus, benefit from this partnership. It is a good thing that you have many mushrooms.

  2. our soil must get healtier every year, this rain is proving that there are many varieties of mushrooms all over this farm..they are popping up everywhere and every day! sure don't remember this happening before..



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