Saturday, September 10, 2011


and then *poof* it is summertime again! Warm and humid, sunny with blue skies. Usually we can allow tomatoes to grow from Sunday picking to the next Saturday picking. This week there are many split tomatoes, even under shelter the ground is so full of water the tomatoes are bursting!

Homer continues to calculate losses as a result of the storm. All turkeys, pigs, ducks and geese are accounted for. We lost a small calf and a couple of broilers, but it looks like the laying hens are all fine. Some vegetables were beaten down hard, and planting will occur again. Most of the winter greens have been washed away..I envision someone miles from here finding Drunken Woman and Tom Thumb growing in a ditch and taking them home for a fresh salad!

We had no markets this week, which means no income. And yet, visitors to the farm purchase fresh chickens, deposits for turkeys arrive, a little honey is sold here and there! Next week we will get to markets and back on track!

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