Monday, September 19, 2011

spraying Dibrom

Yesterday, via email, we received word that the state of PA will begin spraying flood areas for mosquitoes. In an effort to combat West Nile Virus. Of course, what kills a mosquito also kills honey bees, Mason bees, and a variety of other good bugs. Dibrom is a carcinogen..known to cause cancer. This information was sent to us because we are registered beekeepers with the state, and they want to warn us to cover or shield our hives. We are surprised that parents were not informed. My bees might be out, and we might lose some. But children will be out at dusk and into the evening as the planes fly overhead. With farming, we never know from one day to the next what work will suddenly pop up..beyond what we normally do every day. Which is a lot. Covering our hives is not something we thought would need doing. On our farm the ducks eat our mosquitoes. At dusk the bats empty from our trees to catch bugs all night. Yesterday I got in touch with people at PASA, the organization based in PA that is in favor of sustainable agriculture. I wonder 2 things.. 1. Are the nighttime temperatures too cold for mosquitoes to breed and grow? 2. When and under what circumstances does West Nile get transmitted? I had a long list of things to get done today..mundane things that will happen later in the day. Right now I'm going to find mosquito experts and pose these questions to them. I'd prefer this spraying not happen this evening..there is no evidence of mosquitoes here these nights not at markets I've attended this past has been too darn cold! Off to ask a few questions.


  1. Blog update: The York County West Nile Virus expert reports there will be no spraying today in the county. The temperatures are low enough to prevent mosquitoes from moving around.

  2. The area I live in sprays mosquitoes on a regular basis. I am convinced this is why we don't have any bats despite being on a river in prime bug territory.

  3. There is a public website in PA that allows us to see when the spraying is scheduled. Lucky for us the weather turned cold enough to inhibit growth of mosquitoes. I have to agree with you that the spray they use would likely kill or mess up bats as well as all the beneficial insects.



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