Friday, September 2, 2011

saw dust dunes

For years we purchased saw dust in giant plastic bags. Our source was local, and made certain to select out the wood that poisons small animals, and we appreciate that!

But these giant plastic bags bothered us. And we could find no additional use for them. And we are masters of reuse and recycle! But the size was not right for our needs, and into the trash they went. Ick.

On a regular basis large trucks roll past the farm loaded with huge tree trunks. Not certain if there was a saw mill or a tree farm around here, we set out to find out. Homer started asking the locals what is around, and how we could get sawdust here.

Sawdust goes into the brooder all summer under the peepers. It will also go under Sybil, our milk cow, all winter. We need quite a bit! After time under animals it goes into our compost along with other decompostable bits from the farm. And then like magic it turns into black gold: compost, every vegetable growers dream.

Up and over and down a lane..not far at all from here, is a sawmill. With mountains of sawdust around it. Homer visited yesterday and filled the entire back end of the truck. No plastic, just a shovel (a snow shovel is best for this job) and a little bit of time and here it is:

a truck load!

And once unloaded here, the geese must investigate and claim it as their own. Here they are letting the rest of the livestock know they rule:

Silly goose. We know where that term originates.

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