Friday, September 16, 2011

Sandi the adoptee

We adopted a 9 year old Jack Russel terrier earlier this year. We have no desire for a puppy and all that goes with that, and Sandi was from a well loved and well cared for home. Her owners relocated to a much colder climate and 11 pounds of dog could not deal with that.

We received lengthy instructions, medical records, toys, beds, collars, leashes, food, treats, took her previous owners several trips to get everything into our house.

She us sweet with us, but will growl and snap at people who reach out to touch her. All is well if visitors ignore her!

The other instruction we received was not to touch her body. She was in pain and it showed..she would cry or yelp if we tried to rub her belly or scratch her back.

When she arrived we took all her food: packaged and with a long list of ingredients on every pouch, and gave it away on craigslist. Her diet was changed the minute she walked in the door to only farm food.

She eats about 10% of her body weight every day. She also runs miles every day as she is always on the hunt for rodents.

Chicken wings, legs, thighs, hearts: all fed to her raw. Every so often an egg with a cracked shell is broken open and the contents go into her bowl. She gets a bit of yogurt from Keswick binders, fillers, stabilizers..nothing but good cultures. When we cook anything from Yeehaw Farm beyond organic flour she gets pieces of that.

Last week at the bank drivethru they gave her a liver snap treat. She looked at it in my hand, looked me in the eye, back at the treat and turned her back on me. She flat refused to eat it!

She came to us in February. Now, in mid-September, we can pet her like a regular dog, rub her belly, scratch her back..and she loves it. She comes back for more.

It has been a pleasure to watch her change. Sometimes we talk of fibromyalgia, the unexplained pain that people experience. It seems like that is what this little dog lived with for years and it seems like it might be related to the food she consumed.

I've known people who raise and breed show dogs, and are huge believers in a raw food diet for dogs. I sure love what the raw food diet, with most of her food coming from this farm, has done for her!

She is living the life now!

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