Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Move That Livestock!

Just yesterday, at the goat roast we attended, Homer was asked how he can do all he does with just occasional help. As he described moving the cows,  a look of confusion came over the face of people he was in conversation with. They described moving t-posts, coiling and uncoiling the wire..sounded like an activity that would take all day! Here at Sunnyside Farm each week Homer sets up a series of paddocks and then allows the cattle access little by little, by simply adjusting the electric rope. It is the system he originally set up, his ability to look at the farm as a whole with moveable parts and his deep understanding about moving animals off of their waste frequently for maximum health that combine to influence his design of systems.

As he described how the cows get moved, the response was similar to what we usually hear. "That is so simple, so beautiful!" along with "I never would have thought of that, ever!". With off the shelf materials, not used for their original intent, Homer identifies clean, easy, and inexpensive ways to run a one man farm. No tractor, no rototiller. He already has many of the plans designed and ready for distribution, scheduled to take place during a day long workshop here at the farm. Don't miss it!

For more information on this build it yourself day at the farm, click here.

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