Thursday, September 8, 2011


O my, what a mess. It has been raining for days, sometimes heavy and sometimes light, but no sunshine inbetween. The rain has been unrelenting. Much time has been spent shifting animals from lower lying areas that have water pooling in them to higher, dryer spots. While losses have been minimal, the farmer and the farmer's wife are tired and stressed. No markets this week, some cancelled, some we just could not get out to get to. All in all not a fun time. We see predictions of sun for next week and look forward to it!


  1. O, Dru, I hope everything/everyone is ok, and that the waters recede ASAP.

  2. thanks Laurel! We hope there is a chance to dry out soon..our basement is dryish, as we live on the crest of a hill..and still the livestock look ok, we might just make it!



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