Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Farm Bill vote

Today is the day we ask that folks from PA focus their attention on a fair farm bill. Senator Casey is on the committee and needs to hear from us!

I’m helping to generate hundreds of phone calls into the office of Senator Casey today (Tuesday, Sept 27). Can you make a quick call? It only takes a minute and makes a big impact. You are likely to get his voicemail. Try to call early in the morning or in the early evening and you might get a human answering – just please make the call on Tuesday and let me know you called.

Here’s why:
I’m working on a campaign to support food that is safe, affordable, and sustainable; and a food system that is fair for farmers and consumers. As a key voice on the Senate Agriculture Committee, we need Senator Casey to use his position to oppose the delaying or derailing of the fair livestock marketing (GIPSA) rules that USDA proposed in the last Farm Bill – back in 2008.

The GIPSA rules include many commonsense measures that protect farmers, growers and ranchers (especially small-scale farmers) from abusive treatment at the hands of the meatpackers and poultry companies, including protections for farmers who speak out about concerns with the livestock industry; prohibitions against sweatheart deals for the the select few industrial producers growing and packing most of the meat in this country, and protections from unfair trade practices that result in limited access for most people to anything but factory farmed and highly processed meats.

Visit foodandwaterwatch.org/food/farm-bill-2012 for more information.

Will you make a call to Casey’s office? Every call makes a huge impact! When you make the call, can you please send me an email at drupeters@yahoo.com so that we can track the number of calls we have generated to his office? It is very important to keep track of the number of calls so we can report it in the press, and the higher the number the better!

First try the Harrisburg office: (717) 231-7540. You will likely get an answering machine. If his voicemail is full, you can call the DC office: (866) 802-2833.

Some options for what to say…
"Hi I'm __________, a constituent in ___________, Pennsylvania. I'm glad to hear that Senator Casey supports the GIPSA rules, but being in favor of it is not enough. Senator Casey should use his powerful seat on the Agriculture committee to fight for Pennsylvania family farmers and consumers by asking President Obama to implement the rule, not just sit on the sidelines. Please tell him to publicly call for implementation of the GIPSA rules. Thank you."

“Hi, I’m __________, a constituent in __________, Pennsylva
nia. Please tell Senator Casey thank you for supporting the GIPSA rules. I hope he will fight for their implementation. Thank you.”

“Hi, I’m __________, a constituent in __________, Pennsylvania. As a key voice on the Senate Agriculture Committee, we need Senator Casey to use his position to oppose the delaying or derailing of the fair livestock marketing (GIPSA) rules.

Thank you!

If you would like more information about the campaign, visit foodandwaterwatch.org/food/farm-bill-2012, or contact Charlie Furman (Food and Water Watch Field Organizer) at cfurman@fwwlocal.org.

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