Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eat local winter plantings

It is surprising how easy it is to eat local in the wintertime. Seeds need to go into the ground while it is warm. They need the chance to germinate (sprout) and heat helps that happen. Homer adds a little bit of fabric row cover and in a few months we will scrape the snow off and eat from here. We should use the hoophouse but know that a few weeks in late January or early February the laying hens will need to go in there. It is just too cold for us to get water to them during those weeks. And no matter how hard we try they eat every green thing under the hoophouse. Even what is planted for us. So outside it is for our winter eats, and in late February after the weather breaks peas and other goodies get planted in the hoophouse. After the hens go back outside!

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