Sunday, September 18, 2011

chicken Roman shade

We have very few window coverings in our house. It is a farm house on a country road, so who needs them!? After 2 winters here we have discovered that we, in fact, do need them. To cut down on cold breezes, not just drafts. This house leaks cold air constantly, and the poorly installed, no insulation windows do nothing to help.

Little by little we are adding protection between the elements just beyond these thinly covered holes to the great outdoors and us. Last year Homer cover the big picture windows in the living and dining room with clear plastic. This summer we added insulated drapes, to block the heat of the sun on hot summer days. Now, as the temperature gets a chill in the air, we will open those drapes in the daytime amd close at night, so we can get the solar gain.

When Claire visits she mentions, sometimes casually, sometimes forcefully, that "you 2 are not the only ones here you know" relation to bedroom and bathroom windows. We hear you hon, and are under way with window treatments on the north side of the house. The cold side, where we will add heavy insulation to all the coverings there. And where visitors can close the shade when it is not, ya'know, just the 2 of us here.

Starting with the upstairs, all white bathroom. We brought what was in our bathroom at the old house. In that bathroom, it was tiled in blue and yellow, cool old tiles. This one? Bath Fitters. I just know there is black mold growing behind that plastic wall covering, but that it a post for another time. The bathroom is all white as are the shower curtain and rug. Just too much white, something else needed!


So work begins on a lined, Roman shade. With chicken fabric picked up somewhere. Because it is, after all, a farm.
I lined up the edges, cut down to the size I wanted.

Added rings and strings.

and open or closed (and someday we will add a bracket to tie the thing off, for now, yes, it is the toilet paper holder) we are happy to have another window covered! And not in white!

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