Friday, September 9, 2011


This week has been a farming bust. Torrential rains and flooding daily. It hardly seems possible that so much rain could fall from the sky.

We leased land at a few different places before we bought here. One thing always happened: small creeks become raging torrents, wide rivers run through where there has been nothing. Chickens in moveable pens need protection from the rain and wind one week, the next week it gets so hot that they need to be able to catch a breeze. We learned and bought high on a hill and still waterways form. Yhe chicken pens have been stationary the last few days, the ground lined with straw, keeping the birds dry. It looks like it worked, as losses are minimal. We remember a time when one heavy rain, and the resulting flooding, caused us to lose large numbers of birds and we are glad we remembered when buying land and when relocating birds. Experience.

No seeds went in the ground, as this is the weather that just washes the seeds away. Along with topsoil. Most of our beds are still full, so we are lucky and did not lose much.

Our impressive crop this week:

this one is as bug as Homer's foot!

I'm going to market today. I've been here for days and am not really loving it, We have completed a few inside the house tasks: getting curtains hung, a roman shade almost completed, house cleaning and organizing. There is a chance of rain today, along with a chance of no rain. I'm going for it!

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