Saturday, August 27, 2011

we have a drake..right?

This past spring we hatched duckings from our duck eggs. A couple of the ducklings went to friends, one went under the goose, and a couple are hanging out together here on the farm. The parenting style of ducks is funny: they ignore their ducklings or chase them into high grass. Not a whole lot of interaction.

Geese on the other hand attend to their goslings faithfully.

And ducks change their markings, and their feathers, as fall approaches. The male, who had a dark head and a curled tail in spring and early summer, now has the exact same markings as the females. At first we thought the drake had been eaten by something..but upon counting again discovered that all ducks are here. They just all look the same!

The group of 5 and the group of 2..they will not mix. The geese will sometimes let the 2 younger ducks walk with them, but the 5 older ducks never allow it.

and here are the geese, land cruisers on the farm, with the 2 hopeful ducklings..

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