Thursday, August 25, 2011

sweet joy

The last couple of days I have not felt so hot. Insomnia coupled with a bumper crop of rag weed has my eyes tearing, nose alternating between stuffed and running, and a generally itchy face are wearing me out.

We have had the Mitchell kids here in shifts. With fairly limited sleeping space (and Claire occupying one room) we have had kids coming and going for just before school starts farm visits.

Mansadin has been very sympathetic to my under the weather feelings. For breakfast yesterday, he made me this, from the pancake batter he and Homer compiled:

a flower shaped pancake on a pink plate!

and then, later in the day, with Farmer Homer, he threw himself back on the swing to look at the sky..does this look like the most joyful move?!

and Homer, as a grass farmer, filled with happiness at such a beautiful sight: 3/4 of the way through August and there is still plenty of grass, here all covered with dew and Homer's shadow:

Claire was kind enough to head to Farmers on the Square for me yesterday so I could just take it easy. I'm feeling much better today and just know that all the rain we are going to get will cut down on pollen produced..a welcome change to the last few days..

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