Sunday, August 7, 2011

Potter Wasps?

We do find things we can not name. On a regular basis! And if we can't name the bug, we have no idea if it is a good bug or a bad bug. Often I ask my step-mother for help..a biologist by training, a lover of pollinators in retirement, she always helps. Or refers us to the right page on

So here is the Potter Wasp. Not named for Harry Potter:

in all likelyhood this grows to a wasp..what we do know is that it leads to something that eats caterpillars, and we have plenty of those that need eating so we are keeping it!


  1. Beautiful photo Ms Dru!Thanks for the tomatoes today, no doubt they will be the only ones we see w/ the squirrels.

  2. Many more tomatoes on the way! Enjoy!



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