Monday, August 1, 2011

plowing with pigs

As Homer moves the pigs along they leave behind great bare patches of earth. In 24 hours they strip shoulder high grass and weeds down to nothing, and such dirt can easily erode away. The goal is to keep the pigs fed and happy while keeping our soil plantings occur behind their pens. We get sizable bags of cover crops and Homer broadcasts a little each day after moving the pigs. He does wait a few days so the seeds don't go right after them, he allows the ground to mellow a bit.

The entire width of the farm, all the way at the very back fence line, was planted a little different. This is where a variety of melons, pumpkins and squash went in. Lower than the line of trees on our property, it has managed to water itself and grow beautifully in spite of dry conditions. And the pigs clear out beneath the electric fence, an added bonus.

here is what rye looks like as it grows:

and the 3rd photograph is buckwheat, which the bees love. There is still plenty of clover all over the farm and loads of vegetable flowers for the bees too, but the buckwheat captures them for a good portion of the day.

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