Monday, August 15, 2011

Orkin Man? I don't think so!

WARNING: If you hate snakes and toads, stop reading right now!

Homer took care of lots of things in the hoophouse yesterday. In mid-August some plants need pulling up and fed to the pigs while others need planting for fall and winter harvest. He was on the farm working the entire day, got a lot accomplished and mad a couple of discoveries.

First, a toad in the hole. Blends in with the dirt around it, and is our favorite form of bug control. Here it is catching a cricket. Don't look away as that tongue is fast!

The brown stink bug, first seen in Allentown PA after coming into the U.S. from China, is reported to have no known enemies in this country. Well, we have found one..

And then Homer discovered this, looking full and happy. Just guessing that the feral cats we adopted never looked like just looks full of mice imho.

I warned you!

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