Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I cuss, you cuss..

Ever read The Far Side cartoons? By Gary Larson? He had great distribution and a number of marketing deals, and then opted out of the daily drawing grind to retire comfortably. Maybe he is farming somewhere? Before he quit, he had tons of funny cartoons. Today I'm reminded of the one that was an ice cream truck type of vehicle, with a giant asparagus mounted to the roof, titled "Failed Marketing Slogans"..and the slogan was: "I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus". Yes, likely a failure.

Our asparagus crop is growing beautifully. Constantly sending up new shoots and filling in the bed beautifully. The other day I saw a 4 inch long Praying Mantis on the feathery fronds and saw no other bugs on it, truly a beautiful sight for a grower.

This morning it is really lovely to see the fern fronds with the morning dew.

We have to wait years before we can pull from this bed. It feels like an eternity, I would love some of that asparagus right now, for lunch today!

And this year we have a smaller herd of cattle, in both size and numbers. So the property is really covered in all sorts of growing things, including a line of asparagus plants planted by a previous steward of this property. That one we will mark and pull for our consumption next spring. Along with the morels and fresh butter from one of the milk cows..almost makes winter bearable with that on the other side..

I'll only cuss if we can't locate this line of asparagus next spring!

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