Friday, August 5, 2011

frog power

Over the winter Homer dug small holes in lots of spots all over the farm. He lined them, filled with water, laid pieces of wood over them and then rocks over the wood..and now they are underneath lots of green growth..massive sunflowers, reaching for the sky cucumbers, tomatoes taller than me. There is also a cement pond, small and shallow, that the previous owners installed.  The geese and ducks use that one every day for swimming and cleaning their feathers. In that little pond is an old crate, and fish have been installed..and the fish use that crate for protection from the geese and ducks.

There was another reason we installed all these little spots of water: we want frogs! Our no sprays of any kind policy mean that we get tons of bugs, good and bad. We need help battling them, and frogs and toads are a big part of that battling arsenal. The other day, Homer discovered this:

That is a grey tree frog! Native to the east coast of the United States, it opted to set itself up in the t-post surrounded by pvc pipe..Homer installed these all over the property for tying off electric fencing as the cattle are moved. if you look close you can see the thin wire threading off the pole, that keeps the cows in. The grey tree frog is a beautiful little frog with oversized, sticky toes that enable it to climb easily, even up a slippery pvc pipe!

Homer had to bring it in to show us, so here it is on the bed post, upside down.

and for a really pretty picture of this same frog, visit the Sunnyside Farm Facebook page:

and that frog was so cute, we had to get more pictures:

Happy to have that frog here,  we welcome all bug eaters to Sunnyside Farm.

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