Thursday, August 4, 2011

clean, clear lines

Several times a week I pick up left over restaurant goodies from a few spots. At Atwaters they provide the 2 day old bread, which is quickly approaching rock status. The pigs love it. And along with all the grass they get, and buckets full of vegetables, they are living the life and growing quickly.
The pigs also need plenty of water every day. Homer devised a system where they have plenty of fresh water that does not get kicked over..and allows for pens to move all over the farm. It involves an item called a pig nipple, and a large diameter PVC pipe..and a dousing for the pigs too.

And shown here, were the pigs spent the day yesterday, is the clean, clear line they dig up. grass, weeds, trees, roots, grubs, bugs, earthworms, rocks..not much left after the pen of 5 pigs spends 24 hours here.

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