Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Claire settled and one good bug

I spent the day yesterday getting Claire and her stuff into her place in College Park. She is in a house that will have 4 total housemates, so far there is one guy who helped carry all her furniture and stuff in. He did in one trip what it takes me two to get done. Yay for housemates! While she is not unpacked and the electricity is out (thanks to Irene) and many traffic signals are still out in the area she was settling in, and will be able to get everything set before classes begin tomorrow.

While I was gone Homer discovered this, all over the ragweed. The ragweed (not the bug) is currently the bane of my existence. Sneezy and scratchy still. Glad it is helping to attract this to the farm:

Scolia dubia: a wasp that eats beetle grubs under ground. That includes the Japanese beetle! yay and please stay here.

A special assist shout goes to Beatriz Moisset, who identified this bug for us. You can read her blog here. She also wrote a guide to pollinators, you can read more about that project here.

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