Wednesday, August 31, 2011

between beds

The way Homer puts down vegetable beds prevents a lot of weeds from growing in the beds themselves.  We are pretty happy with how the beds grow, drip tape installed for dry spells..they look good, and production of vegetables is ok.

Between the beds is another story. We tried using chickens in chicken runs. It worked great, except that the scratching and fertilizing done by chickens caused the grass inbetween the beds to grow at an advanced rate. Shoulder high in just a few weeks if decent intervals of sun and rain occur.

But the pigs..there is another story. We are using the biggest ones to clear out under the electric wire lines, and they are doing a great job keeping that clear. Regrowth is slow, just what is wanted under electric wire, and between bed rows.

The plan is to convert the dirt inbetween rows to hard clay/adobe sort of stuff, so we can walk there. Time will tell if this idea works. Yesterday the covered walkways were built for the smallest pigs, the big pigs will never travel in the garden rows..they would break out and eat all we grow!

Here are the pig containers? walkway?, constructed in a couple of sections:

and with the piggies in there:

and action shots (Sandi just had to get in there):

and because it worked so well, we had to get more action:

now, a little bread and vegetable leftovers, happy pigs!

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