Friday, August 26, 2011

batten down the chicken pens

It is a foggy and sunny morning here today. Warm, and all animals quiet overnight.

On the weather channel it is a totally different story. A huge storm headed up the east coast, bringing high winds, dumping tons of rain and maybe even hail around here. Our hoophouse and chicken pen can withstand 60 MPH winds, we know this because they have before.

We have refilled jugs and bottles with drinking water. The rain barrels are holding about 4,000 gallons of water so we will have that should we need it. The generator is ready with fresh gasoline in reserve. And today Homer will rearrange the chicken and turkey pens on higher ground, facing them into the wind rather than braodsides to the wind and use tons of rope to tie down all of the lids tightly. He is reinforcing all of the pig pens, and adding an extra line of electric wire around the cattle fence line.

And today is still a blue sky, puffy white cloud sort of day. Without the radio, tv and internet we would never know that this storm is approaching. Here is what is growing now:

Every cucumber plant under the hoophouse has been removed, and peas went in last week..8 rows worth! A cool weather plant, we start them in mid-August and will harvest as the temperatures cool off in October. Our CSA goes until mid-November, so we continue to plant and harvest every week.

Right now we are harvesting what was planted and grown in the basement, under lights, while it was still freezing out early this year. Our tomatoes still look beautiful..we lost a couple, but only where the driptape was mangled and water could not get through. This red ruffled beauty is tender, tasty and sweet. And will not roll down a conveyer belt!
and the squash are starting to show themselves. We planted squash, melons and pumpkins all over the place, in an effort to see where they would grow best. These in a rather shady spot have done well, and so far bugs have not found them. Along side them we have these growing:
baby pumpkins right now, we will see how quickly they grow with upcoming rains and warm days. They go from being nibs to being full grown in a matter of days at this time of year.

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