Thursday, August 11, 2011

650 pounds of Momma

Homer picked up 4 weaners on Saturday. We will keep one to breed with our females, one is for a suckling pig roast, and the other 2 we will sell once they get to size. The price of piglets from this pasture raised momma has tripled in less than 2 years, so we are going to grow our own. Homer did not take a picture of the poppa pig, so let your imagination run wild on just how big he is, but here is the sow:

and when they got her moving, this is her getting up and going:

We have had great success with the pigs from this farm. They are used to being outside, to foraging and digging up the ground with their thick snouts. We use them to clear out a variety of spots here. It is easy for spots on 12+ acres to get overgrown, and the pigs serve as the original brush hogs. What has us tickled again are genetics and the variety of piglets that a blue butt pig can produce! Out of the mama blue butt (the original litter was 10 piglets) our 4 are: 2 blue butts, a belted Galloway type, and a solid red/brown Tamworth type. It is a mixed up world and we love it!

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